""Looking for Charlie"": May 2nd 1970

Quote1 Nice kid. Looks about eighteen. I was eighteen once. Quote2
The Unknown Soldier

Appearing in "Looking for Charlie"

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  • The Dutchman (Single appearance) (Only appearance; dies)

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  • Harry (Single appearance) (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Looking for Charlie"

May 2nd 1970
The Unknown Soldier is disguised as a Soviet colonel in South Vietnam investigating a suspected weapons trade route. He pretends to negotiate an arms deal with a French arms supplier known only as "the Dutchman". The Soldier knows that he is going to sell the guns to the Vietcong, but he needs to find out who is supplying him before he can shut him down.

The transaction goes bad, as an army of VC guerrillas raid the compound and begin shooting. The Soldier doesn't understand why the Dutchman's buyers would turn against him. During the fracas, the Unknown Soldier shoots the Dutchman.

Several days later, the Soldier assumes the guise of Captain Richard Miller. He befriends PFC Roger "Saigon Kid" Simmons, who assists him in following the money trail. The Soldier learns that the Dutchman's supplier was an officer named Major Wintley Roth of the 11th Armored Battalion. Roth knew that his arms scheme would soon be exposed and he wanted to erase all evidence of his involvement. He deliberately allowed a shipment of defective weapons to funnel down to the VC, knowing that they would retaliate against the Dutchman.

As Richard Miller, the Soldier publicly exposes Roth's involvement, humiliating him in front of his military advisers. However, he doesn't have the proof he needs to properly indict him. Later that night, Roth sends some goons to "Miller's" room to rough him up.


  • First appearance of the Unknown Soldier. It has never been satisfactorily established if this version of the character is the same Unknown Soldier who operated during World War II. It is known that the original Soldier died in Berlin at the end of World War II, however the modern version of the Soldier claims to be immortal, and may have possibly survived his supposed death in 1945.
  • The Unknown Soldier's origin is partially revealed in this issue.


  • "Charlie" was a nickname used by American soldiers to describe North Vietnamese guerrilla soldiers.

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