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Aztek was a hero who was duped into joining the Justice League as a plot by Lex Luthor



Other Characteristics

  • Blindness: Aztek was briefly blinded before giving his life to stop the ultimate threat.


  • Quetzalcoatl Battle-Suit and Helmet: Aztek's battle-suit and helmet are masterpieces of occult engineering. The ancient battle helmet provides the focus for the four dimensional power source.[1] This power source can only be recharged via special rituals.[2]
    • Collective Memories: The helmet contains the stored memories of all the past wearers. A normal person would have his mind driven to the strain of death if he donned the helmet and was assaulted by the collective memories. Thus, as part of the final initiation, the current champion learns mental puzzles that keep the past personalities occupied.[3]
    • Energy Projection
    • Energy Resistance: Aztek can increase the exterior temperature of his suit to free himself from frozen situations. He can also shift its internal density to resist certain forms of energy and damage.[5]
    • Magic Mirror: A battery of occult energy on his chest.[6]
    • Wire Nets: These are electrified and can be used to incapacitate enemies.[7]
    • Missile Launchers[2]
    • Hidden Arm-Blades[4]
    • Enhanced Vision: Aztek can see in the infrared spectrum, see through solid objects with x-ray vision and zoom in with optic sensors.[8][4]
    • Density Control[9]
    • Flight: Aztek can fly easily whether he's in space or in between buildings. He can fly on autopilot as well, a useful tool when he is rendered unconscious.[4][9][10][11][12]
    • Invisibility[8]
    • Superhuman Speed: Aztek has precise control over his speed. He can accelerate and decelerate within seconds.[4][11]
    • Superhuman Strength[8][4]

Aztek Metahuman License Application

Metahuman License Application

  • Aztek filed a FARM registration form with the federal authorities for his metahumans license, allowing him to act as Vanity's official super-hero protector while maintaining his secret identity. It was filed on June 19, 1996 by chief of police Helena Perrier.
  • Aztek is also known as the Ultimate Man.



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