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The Untitled are an ancient clan of siblings that seek to absorb the darkest of shadows to become immortal super beings of pure evil. They are the sworn enemies of the All-Caste.



Thousands of years ago there existed a clan consisting of nine brothers and sisters until the oldest brother among them dared to reach into the churning waters of absolute evil. The darkest energy in the world emerged from the earth as if from its very soul. One by one it entered each of the siblings. It started with the weakest and it built in ferocity with each of the souls it consumed. The most defiant of the clan was the woman Ducra, she defied her brother and resisted the evil while her daughter watched helplessly.

Battle with the All-Caste

In modern day The Untitled have schemed behind the scenes to destroy their eternal enemies known as the All-Caste led by the clan member Ducra. They eventually succeeded in their goal and all but wiped out the All-Caste thus leading the anti-hero Jason Todd to start on a journey to destroy the Untitled once and for all.


The Untitled are all immortal and have been around for three thousand years, as the former member Ducra stated that she was more than three thousand years old.

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