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Urcell was originally a member of the Atlantean extremist group known as the Deluge during the reign of King Arthur.

Once an adamant surface hating advocate of the xenophobic Deluge lead by her fellow Hadalin. Corum Rath, then leader of the terrorist movement, was later chosen to replace Arthur as the Royal Council of Elders believed he was unfit to rule. Urcell was chosen to be the new Commander of the Drift, the Atlantean special forces, and served as Corum's right-hand woman throughout his reign.

But she was incredibly incompetent at her position within the neo-fascist regime. Putting faith in the seachanged individuals she and the new rule hated and persecuted, being dispatched by the Undercurrent and their allies as the Crown of Thorns was dissolved by Ninth Tride rumor called The Aquaman. Sensing their new liege's growing instability, she and the corrupt council of elders would secretly convene to steadily suborn him and then replace their errant monarch with a new leader in Rath's stead. After the king had brutalized Magister Loke and all of his students in the Silent School however, they were forced to move up the schedule of their planned coup. In an attempt to unseat him as they'ed done with Aquaman, the council was slaughtered by a now mystically corrupted Rath with Urcell being the only survivor of their folly.

After Rath's defeat at the hands of a joint strike comprising of Arthur, Dolphin, the Undercurrent and Mera backed by an army from Xebel. Atlantis was raised from the ocean depths because of the former king's subconscious wish made on the 10th Metal, a phenomenon held back by the Abyssal Dark entity whose influence dissipated with it's demise. Urcell would retreat alongside a host of other Atlanteans into the lowest tride she and they had been discriminating for so long, now hiding there to escape from the open air of the Surface they all cower in fear of.

Sink Atlantis

After the coronation of the newly crowned Queen of Atlantis, Urcell would scheme again for regime change in the background. Feeling insulted that a criminal outcast from despised Xebel had ascended the throne of her homeland. She made contact with the American Government's Admiral Meddinghouse in order to send Atlantis back into the ocean depths.

Acting as a go between for Waller's metahuman hit team; the Suicide Squad she would guide them to their target objective thinking they would aid her in their shared goals. Urcell was horrified to learn they instead were sent to destroy Atlantis and everyone in it via implementation of a magically enhanced thermonuclear device. Picking a fight with the murderers she invited into her home, they drew the attention of Aquaman and a few of his associates before escaping. Urcell found herself forced by a select few among the squad who chose to follow through on the mission to guide their them on their task.

Having made it into the Silent School as their objective parameter's demanded Urcell tried fruitlessly to persuade Lord Satanis from completing it. She offered his team all of the treasures and mystical relics in the schools Core Vault in exchange for sparing her home.

Satanis would mull over the idea after taking one such item for his own while she tempted him with the opportunity to unseat Mera as queen and conquer the surface world using all the items of power at they're disposal. But she was instead speared through on the Needlefish Bane by the mystic lord and left for dead, the later stating this was his story not her's, as Urcell had already outlived her usefulness.




  • Irrational Hatred: Urcell is a proud fascist bigot, who hates outsiders and minorities within Atlantean society like the Ocean Changed and is eager to participate the genocide of those groups and those that oppose the Drift.



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