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Quote1.png You're one of the first Talons, Uriah! You're from before all of this! The skyscrapers! From when the city was brick and wood! Uriah Boone! Quote2.png
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Uriah Boone was one of the first assassins for the Court of Owls, known as Talons, when Gotham City was first created.

Boone was awakened by the present day incarnation of the Court when the Joker returned to Gotham with an endgame in mind. While Batman was searching for answers about his archenemy's past, Boone ambushed Batman after the hero interrogated the Court in their underground lair.

Boone was defeated by Batman, who demanded answers on the Joker's immortality.[1]


  • Accelerated Healing: Because of the Electrum tooth that all Talons are equipped with, Uriah can be revived and heal indefinitely as long as he is in contact with the element.