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Baller2445 is a such an avid fun of DC Comics. One of the first animated series watched by me were Batman: The Animated Series at around age 5. Since then, I've watched The New Adventures of Batman, Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series, The Batman/Superman Adventures, Teen Titans, The Batman, Justice League/Justice League: Unlimited, and The Legion of Super-Heroes. I've read several DC graphic novels and watched numerous DC superhero films. I love drawing, reading, playing video games, watching movies, hanging out with family and friends, cracking jokes, and I like playing sports.

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Superheroes, Allies, and Anti-Heroes

Superman, Clark Kent/Superboy/Superman (Smallville), Batman, Batman (Earth-Nolan), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern II, Green Lantern III, Raven, Raven (DCAU), Nightwing, Robin III, Supergirl, Supergirl (Smallville), Supergirl (DCAU), Green Arrow I, Green Arrow (Smallville), Starfire, Cyborg, Cyborg (DCAU), Cyborg (Smallville), Beast Boy (DCAU), Beast Boy, Steel, Aquaman, Aquaman (Smallville), Aquaman II, Batgirl I/Oracle, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Eradicator, Hawkgirl (DCAU), Brainiac 5, Future Batman, V, Superboy, Impulse (Flash IV), Flash III, Captain Marvel, Mister Terrific II, Booster Gold, Krypto, Black Canary, Power Girl, Superman (Earth-Two), Zatanna

Supervillains, Enemies, and Anti-Villains

Lex Luthor, The Joker, Darkseid, Libra, Two-Face, The Riddler, Catwoman, Killer Croc, Livewire, Parasite (Rudy Jones), Lobo, Bruno Mannheim, Morgan Edge, Brainiac, Brainiac (DCAU), Brainiac 13, Metallo, General Zod, Zod (Earth-Donner), General Zod (Smallville), Black Mask, Vandal Savage, Doomsday, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Mongul I, Mongul II, Alexander Luthor, Jr., Superboy-Prime/Superman-Prime, Maxwell Lord, Talia al Ghul, The Penguin, Ra's al Ghul, Hush, Ares, Cheetah, Imperiex-Prime, Amazo

Secondary Characters

Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner James Gordon, Harley Quinn, Rachel Dawes, Thomas Wayne, Emil Hamilton, Detective Crispus Allen, Jor-El, Lara Lor-Van

TV Shows

Smallville, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, The Batman Superman Adventures (certain episodes of S:TAS, B:TAS, and TNBA), Batman Beyond, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, Static Shock, Krypto the Superdog

DC Superhero Films

The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Superman: The Movie, V for Vendetta, Batman, Batman Returns, Constantine, more to come hopefully...(considering all the frigging awesome movies coming in later years like Watchmen, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and The Flash.)

Graphic Novels/Comics

Superman: Our Worlds at War, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Batman: Year One, 52, Superman: Up, Up, and Away, Countdown, Final Crisis (so far), Identity Crisis, V for Vendetta, Justice League of America Vol.2, Action Comics, Superman, Batman, Detective Comics, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Hush, Batman: Face the Face, Watchmen


Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, Alex Ross, Michael Green, Greg Berlanti, Brad Meltzer, Grant Morrison, Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, David Goyer, Dennis O'Neil, Bruce Timm, Greg Rucka, William Moulton Marston, Justin Marks, Ed Benes, Marc Guggenheim, David Dobkin, Chris Brancato, Craig Wright, Jim Lee, Paul Levitz, Frank Miller, Gardner Fox, Christian Bale, Dan DiDio, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George Perez, Christopher Reeve, Kevin Conroy, Tim Dale, Richard Donner, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Larry & Andy Wachowski, Rich Fogel, Brian Azzarello, Dwayne McDuffie, Jerry Goldberg, Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, David Lloyd, Steven S. DeKnight, Matthew Dennison, Brent Strickland, Joel Silver, Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin, Stan Berkowitz, Marv Wolfman,


Superheroes, Allies, and Anti-Heroes

Green Lantern III, Robin II, more to come...

Supervillains, Enemies, and Anti-Villains

Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy, Kalibak, more to come...

TV Shows

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Batman,

DC Superhero Films

Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Supergirl: The Movie, Superman: Doomsday,

Graphic Novels/Comics

Trinity, more to come...

My News Sources

  • SuperheroHype News website that covers any event happening in the worlds of comic books, and comic book movies/ superhero films.
  • SplashPage MTV MTV website that reports immediate news around graphic novels/comic books and comic book movies/superhero films.
  • IESB Movie news website covering everything from sci-fi movies, comedies, upcoming releases, comic book movies, and action movies.
  • Superman Homepage An expansive official Superman fan website reporting all news about Superman in the comic books, movies, TV shows, and video games.
  • Batman Homepage Yesterday, Today, and Beyond A massive official Batman fan site encompassing all news about Batman in the comic books, movies, TV shows, and video games.
  • ComingSoon News website covering news about upcoming movies, or as of yet unreleased movies including genres like sci-fi, historical fiction, mystery, comedy, action, comic books adaptations/superheros, and video games.
  • Newsarama Website that reports news and conducts interviews with the biggest names in the movie, TV, and comic book industries.
  • IGN Multimedia online website that reviews every spectrum of media, such as comic books, movies, TV, video games; has a vast library of images and videos in those topics and sub-topics; interviews with the prominent figures in those various media fields.


  • Right now, I'm working on Superman Villains.
  • I'm also working on making other userboxes so that me and my fellow DCpedians can show off the heroes and villains they're fans of.
  • I've finished reading Watchmen and now I'm highly anticipating the Watchmen movie release in March 2009.

My work

My Creations
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