Not much to know. I'm a DC fan. My first exposure to DC was Young Justice and my favorite character is Martian Manhunter.

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Legion of Super-Heroes

Teen Titans


Metal Men

Powers and Abilities


None known.


I can drink an entire gallon of whole milk (2% is disgusting) in one sitting. I also have the ability to over-complicate things.

Strength level



Although I have a higher pain tolerance than most, I still suffer from the weakness of an average human. Gunshot wounds, migraines, etc.


Equipment: ASUS Chromebook
Transportation: a car
Weapons: smarts and witty.....wit


I am currently reading a mix of new and classic series. I generally prefer more recent series (published within the past five to seven years), but I will read an older serial if I am intrigued by it.

I only collect trades. I don't read current series by the issue in the event that the series doesn't end well. That way, I won't be in a couple hundred bucks for a series that isn't great.


Ooooh, I love trivia!

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