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I have a habit of "tinkering". This includes sorting images and creating "skeleton" pages.

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Annuals have volume labeled based on concurrent monthlies, not actual publishing.

  • "Cover Art" - cover with tradedress - is to use "Source"
  • All others use "Issue"

Remember: It's "Textless" in the alternate image (Image#Text fields).


Not all items get an "appearance" listing when shown in passing

There was a discussion, in general, about this. These aren't integral to the plot, the don't need to be listed. And definitely don't get an "Appearance" listing.


Bronze1971-1986 (Crisis)

Earth-One, Earth-Two, etc.pre-1986
Post-Hawkworld1990-2006Thanagarian Hawks only
Pre-Zero HourPre-1994, Post-2005-ishLegion character only
Post-Infinite Crisis2006-2011
Post-FlashpointPost 2011


Jonah Hex 0001 This user has two friends, one is the acrid smell of gunsmoke, the other is Jonah Hex.

Zatanna 015 Siht resu si a naf fo annataZ.

John Constantine 0008 This user thinks John Constantine can kick your ass!

Question Vic Sage 0002 This user knows to always ask
The Question.

Green Arrow 0004 This user is more of a hunter at his core, like the Green Arrow.

Batgirl Barbara Gordon 0001 This user is a fan of Batgirl.

Justice Society of America 004 This user is a fan of Justice Society of America.

Green Lantern Corps 001 This user is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Legion of Super-Heroes II 07 This user is a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Justice League 0064 This user is a fan of Justice League of America.

Odds n ends

Back thinking from Earth2 Annual 2...

  • 2014
    • Thomas Wayne is 65
    • Helena 17???? ("First Contact")
  • 2007 (based on Earth 2 #2's cover date less 5 years)
    • Batman dies.
    • Bruce (34), Helena (18 as written, 12 as a best case based on story structure...), Thomas (58)
  • 1994
    • Chill in the morgue
    • Bruce (21), Thomas (45)
  • 1992
    • Bruce (19) joins the League of Shadows
  • 1979
    • Chill in Crime Alley
    • Bruce (6), Thomas (30)
  • 1973
    • Bruce born
    • Thomas (24)
  • 1971
    • Thomas (22) save Falcone
    • Thomas meets Martha
  • 1949
    • Thomas born
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