Publication order

  • Military Comjics - #1 August 1941 through #43October 1945
  • Modern Comics - #44 November 1945 through #102 October 1950
  • Blackhawk v1 (Quality) - #9 December 1944 through #107 December 1956
  • Blackhawk v1 (DC) - #108 January 1957 through #273 November 1984
  • Blackhawk v2 - #1 March 1988 through #3 May 1988
  • Action Comics Weekly
    • #601 May 1988 - #608 July 1988
    • #615 September 1988 - #622 October 1988
    • #628 Noveomber 1988 - #634 January 1989
    • #635 January 1989 - Blackhawk Express
    • #642 March 1989
  • Blackhawk v3 - #1 March 1989 through #16 August 1990
    • Blackhawk Annual - June 1989
  • Blackhawk Special - 1992
  • Blackhawks - #1 November 2011 - #8 June 2012


  • 1941
    • Blackhawk and Blackhawk Squadron are created by Will Eisner and Chuck Cuidera and first published by Quality Comics.[1] The only background provided on Blackhawk is that he was originally a pilot in the Polish air force and he had lost his family in a Nazi air raid. The Squadron is depicted as operating throughout the European theatre and being unattached to a specific Allied military.
    • The Squadron was not introduced in full with Blackhawk. The bulk were introduced the following issue. This included Andre, Baker, Chuck, Hans. Olaf, Stanislaus, and Zeg.[2] The remaining Blackhawk, Chop-Chop, was added later as an ethnic caricature and comic sidekick.[3]
  • World Military Unit?
  • 1956 - Quality closes down with the final comic book issues they publish, including Blackhawk, having a cover date of December 1968.[4] DC, then known as National Periodical Publications, obtains the trademarks for the bulk of Quality's properties including Blackhawk and the Blackhawk Squadron. DC continues to publish four of the acquired titles, including Blackhawk, begining with the issue cover dated January 1957.[5]
  • 1959 - Lady Blackhawk is introduced as the first new member of the Squadron.[6]
  • 1966 - The Blackhawks are explicitly incorporated in the Earth-One continuity with a story featuring Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern.[7] This included giving most of the Squadron costumed identies shortly there after.[8][9]
  • 1968 - Blackhawk Vol 1 is cancelled with the final issUe released cover dated October 1968.[10]
  • 1973 - DC includes some of the characters they aquired from Quality in that years team-up of the Justice League and Justice Society. In the story by Len Wein and Dick Dillin, the Quality characters are placed into the continuity of Earth-X, where World War II had not ended in 1945. Within this continuity Blackhawk and the Blackhawk Squadron are revealed to have been casualties of the extended war.[11] No information is provided as to what parts of the characters' Quality Universe continuity was replicated on Earth-X.
  • 1976 - Blackhawk Vol 1 is revived for a seven issue bi-monthly run continuing the previous continuity.[12][13] Writer Steve Skeates revises the origins of the Blackhawks so that instead of having come together in World War II, there were a mercenary unit founded in the the 1950s. George Evans also redesigns the team's uniforms with a more contemporary feel for the revival.
  • 1982 - Blackhawk Vol 1 is revived for a 23 issue monthly run. The stories that are published are set during 1940 on Earth-One.[14][15] While the stories themselves include dates, this leads to internal inconsistencies for the run including conflicting dates and references to events that occured much later in World War II.
  • 1984 - Roy Thomas and Rick Hoberg include Blackhawk within the continuity of Earth-Two[16] The story itself is set during early 1942 though it does not go into how much of the character's history matches the material Quality had printed to that point.
  • 1986
    • The Blackhawk of Earth-Two relocates, along with the majority of Quality characters, to Earth-X in 1942 as part of the side effects of the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.[17]
    • The material published by Quality is placed within the Quality Universe. A delineation of what is included or excluded in later time lines is not made clear.[18][19]
  • 2005 - The notes section of Crisis on Infinite Earths: Absolute Edition identifies a number isseus from Blackhawk Vol 1 as set on Earth-Thirty-Two. These as issues #242 through #250.[20]

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Blackhawk is a Quality Comics character that has a long and eventful publication history, with several different versions which aren't exactly the same. The main team is, in name and appearance, more or less the same in all versions. Blackhawk has been an American, a Pole, an American of Polish extraction and a Pole again. Members of his team have changed names and nationality several times. The Blackhawk Squadron was active after the war as Blackhawk Airways, Blackhawk Express or Blackhawk Industries, or a combination thereof. Two villains named Killer Shark were mixed up. Timelines were altered in Zero Hour.



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