{{Accelerated Healing}}Accelerated Healing X
{{Adhesion}}Adhesion X
{{Aerokinesis}}Aerokinesis X
{{Alien Physiology}}
Alien Physiology X
  Daemonite Physiology X
Alt X
  Kryptonian Physiology X
X Update X
X Update X
  Martian Physiology X
X Update X
X Update X
{{Animal Control}}Animal Control
{{Animal Empathy}}Animal Empathy X
{{Animal Mimicry}}Animal Mimicry
{{Astral Projection}}Astral Projection X
{{Atlantean Physiology}}Atlantean Physiology Pos Pos
Atmokinesis Redirected to Weather Control
{{Bio-Fission}}Bio-Fission X
{{Bio-Fusion}}Bio-Fusion X
{{Bizarro Physiology}}Bizarro Physiology
{{Body Art Animation}}Body Art Animation X
{{Chlorokinesis}}Chlorokinesis X
{{Chronokinesis}}Chronokinesis X
{{Clairvoyance}}Clairvoyance X
{{Claws}}Claws X
Corrosive Touch Redirected to Disintegration [1]
{{Cosmic Awareness}}Cosmic Awareness X
{{Cryokinesis}}Cryokinesis X
{{Cybernetic Enhancement}}Cybernetic Enhancement X
{{Darkness Manipulation}}Darkness Manipulation X
{{Decelerated Aging}}Decelerated Aging X
{{Deflection‎}}Deflection‎ X
{{Density Control}}Density Control X
{{Dimensional Travel}}Dimensional Travel X
{{Discern Motivation}}Discern Motivation X
{{Disintegration}}Disintegration X
{{Divination‎}}Divination‎ X
{{Divine Empowerment}}Divine Empowerment X
{{Divine Grace}}Divine Grace X
{{Echolocation}}Echolocation X
{{Ectokinesis}}Ectokinesis X
{{Elasticity}}Elasticity X
{{Eldritch Blast‎}}Eldritch Blast‎ X
{{Electrokinesis}} Electrokinesis X
{{Electromagnetism}} Electromagnetism X
{{Elemental Control}}Elemental Control X
Elemental Transmutation Redirected to Molecular Reconstruction [2]
{{Empathy}} Empathy X
{{Energy Absorption}}Energy Absorption X
{{Energy Construct Creation}}Energy Construct Creation X X
{{Energy Projection}} Energy Projection X X
{{Energy Resistance}}Energy Resistance X
{{Energy Transference}}Energy Transference X
{{Enhanced Intellect}}Enhanced Intellect X
{{Enhanced Senses}} Enhanced Senses X
{{Fear Projection}}Fear Projection X
{{Firestorm Matrix}} N/A Update
{{Flight}} Flight X X
{{Force Field}} Force Field X X
{{Geokinesis}}Geokinesis X
{{Gravity Manipulation}}Gravity Manipulation X
{{Healing}}Healing X
{{Hydrokinesis}}Hydrokinesis X
Hyper-Reflexes Redirected to Superhuman Reflexes [3]
{{Hypnosis}}Hypnosis X
{{Illusion Casting}}Illusion Casting X
{{Immortality}}Immortality X
{{Infection‎}}Infection‎ X
{{Intangibility}}Intangibility X
{{Invisibility}}Invisibility X
{{Invulnerability}}Invulnerability X
KP NE Redirected to Kryptonian Physiology [4]
{{Lycanthropy}}Lycanthropy X
{{Magic}} Magic X
{{Magnetic Manipulation}}Magnetic Manipulation X
{{Mechanokinesis}}Mechanokinesis X
Magnetokinesi Redirected to Magnetic Manipulation [5]
{{Martian Powers}}Martian Physiology X Update X
{{Matter Absorption}}Matter Absorption X
{{Metamorphosis}} Metamorphosis X
{{Mind Control}}Mind Control X
{{Molecular Reconstruction}}Molecular Reconstruction X
{{Necromancy}}Necromancy X
{{Necrotic Empowerment}}Necrotic Empowerment X
Necrotic Touch Deleted
{{No Powers}} Human With No Superhuman Capabilities
{{Omnipotence}}Omnipotence X
{{Phasing}}Phasing X
{{Pheromone Control}}Pheromone Control X
{{Possession}}Possession X
{{Power Absorption‎}}Power Absorption‎ X
{{Power Distribution}}Power Distribution X
{{Power Of Shazam}} Converted to a substitution template Alt
{{Precognition}}Precognition X
{{Prehensile Hair}}Prehensile Hair X
{{Psychic Link}}Psychic Link X
{{Psychokinesis}} Psychokinesis X
{{Pyrokinesis}}Pyrokinesis X
{{Radiation Production}}Radiation Production X
{{Reality Alteration}}Reality Alteration X
Reanimation Deleted
{{Regeneration}}Regeneration X
{{Removable Limbs‎}}Removable Limbs‎ X
{{Resurrection}}Resurrection X
{{Self-Sustenance}}Self-Sustenance X
Shape-Shifting Redirected to Metamorphasis [6]
{{Size Alteration}}Size Alteration X
Sorcery Redirected to Magic [7]
{{Sound Manipulation}}Sound Manipulation X
{{Speed Force Conduit}} N/A Update
{{Super-Breath}}Super-Breath X
{{Super-Leaping}}Super-Leaping X
Super-Speed Redirected to Superhuman Speed [8]
{{Superhuman Agility}}Superhuman Agility X
{{Superhuman Durability}}Superhuman Durability X
Superhuman Endurance Redirected to Superhuman Stamina [9]
Superhuman EquilibriumSuperhuman Equilibrium X
Superhuman Intellect Redirected to Enhanced Intellect [10]
{{Superhuman Reflexes}}Superhuman Reflexes X
{{Superhuman Speed}}Superhuman Speed X
{{Superhuman Stamina}}Superhuman Stamina X
{{Superhuman Strength}}Superhuman Strength X
{{Telekinesis}}Telekinesis X
{{Telepathy}}Telepathy X
{{Teleportation}}Teleportation X
{{Therianthropy}}Therianthropy X
{{Thermal-Blast}}Thermal-Blast X
{{Thermokinesis}}Thermokinesis X
{{Time Travel}}Time Travel X
{{Toxic Immunity}}Toxic Immunity X
{{Toxikinesis}}Toxikinesis X
{{Transformation}}Transformation X
{{Unique Physiology}}Unique Physiology X
{{Vampire Powers}} N/A Update
{{Vampirism}}Vampirism N/A
{{Weather Manipulation}}Weather Manipulation N/A


{{Acrobatics}}Acrobatics X
{{Acting}}Acting X
{{Aerial Combat}}Aerial Combat X
{{Alchemy}}Category:Alchemy X
{{Archaeology}}Archaeology X
{{Archery}}Archery X
{{Architecture}}Architecture X
{{Artistry}}Artistry X
{{Aviation}}Aviation X
{{Business Management}}Business Management X
{{Charisma}}Charisma X
{{Computer Hacking}}Computer Hacking X
{{Computer Operation}}Computer Operation X
{{Cooking}}Cooking X
{{Criminology}}Criminology X
{{Dancing}}Dancing X
{{Deception}}Deception X
{{Demolitions}}Demolitions X
{{Diplomacy}}Diplomacy X
{{Disguise}}Disguise X
{{Driving}}Driving X
{{Eidetic Memory}}Eidetic Memory X
{{Equestrianism}}Equestrianism X
{{Escapology‎}}Escapology‎ X
{{Espionage}}Espionage X
{{Firearms}}Firearms X
{{Gadgetry}}Gadgetry X
Genius-Level Intellect redirected to Enhanced Intellect [11]
{{Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)}}Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) X
{{Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)}}Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic) X
{{Historiography}}Historiography X
{{Hunting}}Hunting X
{{Indomitable Will}}Indomitable Will X
{{Interrogation}}Interrogation X
{{Intimidation}}Intimidation X
{{Investigation‎}}Investigation‎ X
{{Journalism}}Journalism X
{{Law}}Law X
{{Leadership}}Leadership X
{{Martial Arts}} Martial Arts X
Master Combatant redirected to Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) [12]
{{Mechanical Aptitude‎}}Mechanical Aptitude‎ X
{{Medicine}}Medicine X
{{Military Protocol}}Military Protocol X
{{Mimicry}}Mimicry X
{{Multilingualism}}Multilingualism X
{{Music}}Music X
{{Occultism}}Occultism X
{{Pedagogy}}Pedagogy X
{{Piracy}}Piracy X
{{Political Science}}Political Science X
{{Prestidigitation}}Prestidigitation X
{{Science}} Science X
{{Seamanship}}Seamanship X
{{Seduction}}Seduction X
{{Singing}}Singing X
{{Stealth}}Stealth X
{{Storytelling}}Storytelling X
{{Survival}}Survival X
{{Swimming}}Swimming X
{{Swordsmanship}}Swordsmanship X
{{Tactical Analysis}}Tactical Analysis X
{{Thievery}}Thievery X
{{Throwing}}Throwing X
{{Tracking}}Tracking X
{{Weaponry}}Weaponry X


{{Asphyxiation}}Asphyxiation X
{{Cowardice}}Cowardice X
{{Diminished Intellect}}Diminished Intellect X
{{Mental Illness}} Mental Illness X
Mental Instability Redirected to Mental Illness [13]
{{Missing Limb}}Missing Limb X
{{Power Instability}}Power Instability X
{{Restricted Mobility}}Restricted Mobility X
{{Vulnerability to}}Vulnerability X
Vulnerability to Fire Redirected to Vulnerability to [14]




Physical appearance

These should be few and far between...



{{Wings}}Wings X


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