One day, someone decided to make a Wikia account so they could edit wikis. Their idea for a username was Captainjackster.

Powers and Abilities


  • No human being really has any 'powers'.


  • Wiki Manipulation: Captainjackster has the means and ability to edit wikis.

Strength level

  • Whatever is considered average.


  • Sugar: It is irresistible.


Equipment: Whatever is on Captainjackster's person.

  • Whatever is there.

Weapons: Anything that can hurt another sentient life form.


  • Captainjackster is most likely human.
  • I made my first 1,000 edits on April 19, 2016.


  • No trivia.

See Also

Links and References

  • None.



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Favorite Characters (Userboxes):

Batman 001 This user is a fan of Batman.

Batman cape This user is a fan of The Batman of Earth-Two.

Captain Marvel 0001 This user shouts SHAZAM for Captain Marvel.

Martian Manhunter 0001 This user is one of the many alter egos of the Martian Manhunter.

Etrigan 0001 Gone! Gone! -- before a fan -- Now, the Demon Etrigan.

Deathstroke 0001 This user would hire Deathstroke the Terminator.

Animal Man 0025 This user floats like a butterfly and stings like Animal Man.

DC Universe Presents Vol 1 1 Textless This user is possessed by Deadman.

Red Hood 0001 This user believes justice is complicated, like the Red Hood.

Superman 0008 This user is a fan of Superman.

Bizarro Silver Age 01 This user am not fan of worldz worst super-hero Bizarro.

Solomon Grundy 0003 This user was born on a Monday, like Solomon Grundy!

Justice League 0064 This user is a fan of Justice League of America.

All-American Comics 16 This user is a fan of Golden Age Comics!

Showcase 4 This user is a fan of Silver Age Comics!

New Gods v.1 1 This user is a fan of Bronze Age Comics!

Superman Vol 2 1 This user is a fan of Copper Age Comics!

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