Christopher Stansfield lives in New York, NY. He is a freelance writer whose current essays and reviews can be found at The Writing of Christopher Stansfield(catchy name) and The Unofficial Chris Stansfield Blog. He has previously done comics-related writing for Fanzing (archives here), was a published letterhack back when DC Comics still contained letters pages, and has contributed to several wikis, including Wikipedia, Wookieepedia (the Star Wars wiki), and Muppetwiki. He is also a semi-regular presence on the forums of Outpost Gallifrey (a Doctor Who fan board) and Force.Net (a Star Wars fan board), though he rarely ever writes on the DC boards anymore since they deleted all of his old posts and the tone of the conversations became increasingly hostile.

Stansfield is relatively recent contributor to DC Database. So far, his main efforts have been on the Question, Red Arrow, and several Lex Luthor pages, and he is currently working on a way to delineate the two (yes, two) latest reboots of Superman's origin that have occurred since 2004.

Chris Stansfield is an experienced proofreader and editor. His current wiki focus is on the copy editing and fact-checking of previously-written articles. To learn more about Chris or to find links to his other writing, you can visit his Myspace page. Chris Stansfield finds that writing about himself in the third-person comes remarkably easily to him.

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Real Name: Christopher Adam Stansfield
Nicknames: "Chris," "Stanz," "Hey, you!"
Former Aliases: No known former aliases


Occupation: Raconteur and Bon Vivant
Legal Status: US Citizen with no felony convictions
Identity: Publicly known as far as he's able to shout it.
Marital Status: Marriage is an institution. Why would anyone want to live in an institution?
Group Affiliation: S.C.I. Co.; The Official Star Wars Fan Club; ACLU; GMHC/New York AIDS Walk; MOCCA; Numerous temp agencies.
Base of Operations: Formerly Philadelphia, PA, now New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA


Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Known Relatives: Thomas Stansfield (father), Carol Zenker Stansfield (mother), Trish Stansfield (sister), Obi Stansfield (cat).
First Appearance: November 06, 1978
Origin: An exposure to Star Wars and Broadway show tunes caused Chris Stansfield to go all funny.


Chris Stansfield was born in Philadelphia, PA, after a chance meeting of two haploid nuclei. He stayed in Philadelphia, where he attended Shawmont School and the William Penn Charter School and wrote for publications such as The Philadelphia Daily News, the Chestnut Hill Local, and numerous DC Comics lettercolumns. A near-constant exposure to his mother's collection of Original Broadway Cast albums led Stansfield to attempt to develop his talents as an actor and singer, and he appeared in many stage productions, failed television pilots, and Boys' Choirs. He also was frequently seen avoiding sports and athletic activity of any kind.

Further exposure to the radioactivity produced by a hostile Prep School environment forced Stansfield to flee to live in New York City, where he attended New York University (on several occasions) and wrote for The Washington Square News, Fanzing, and other publications. He obtained a mystical talisman known as a BA in Psychology, which he deploys whenever friends or drunken strangers need someone to listen to them. He largely gave up performing, though he will act or sing whenever anyone asks him to, and he fights the crime of bad karaoke singing on a semi-regular basis.

Stansfield's secret identity of an office worker and proofreader rarely conflicts with his superhero lifestyle as a freelance writer, part-time wit, and political/social activist. He is available for hire in either of his identities.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: Too much of it, but not so much that anyone is overly startled
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown/Blond (depending on mood and chemical enhancement)
Unusual Features: Two prominent scars on forehead from vicious childhood battles with the evil Mr. Doorhinge and the pernicious Dr. Metal Pail.


Strength Level: Stansfield possesses nearly three-quarters of the strength of a man his height and weight. He is occasionally useful for moving furniture, but often requires the aid of his crimefighting partner, Red Ibuprofen.

Known Powers: An incredible ability to spot other people's grammatical errors. The power to drink five Beefeater martinis in a row and make it home safely. Near total recall of song lyrics, fictional character names, and any other information that can't be used usefully. A pleasant Baritone-Tenor voice. Fingers have the incredible power to reach speeds of up to 75 WPM when placed over a computer keyboard.

Known Abilities: Evocative writing, quick wit, knowledge of Microsoft Office, Times Style, and the ability to do a time step. Amazing ability to walk away from a Black Jack table while he's still ahead.


Equipment: That's a rather personal question, don't you think?
Transportation: In NYC: the ACE train and a pair of New Balance sneakers. In LA: Anyone who is willing to give him a lift.
Weapons: Vicious sarcasm.


  • Stansfield's known weaknesses include chin-up bars, social injustice, and carbohydrates.


  • Stansfield appeared twice on the televisions show "Jeopardy!" (he won once.)
  • He received a perfect (800) Verbal score on his SAT's, back when they were considered difficult.
  • He owns every album David Bowie has ever appeared on.
  • He still calls compact discs "albums."
  • Dang killed a barr when he was only three.
  • Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

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