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Upon the release of the unimaginable fury that was the Big Bang, Crom, and likewise various other Titans and Deities, escaped from neighboring universes as they collided, sparking the arrival of this brand new universe, and decided to take roost. The most powerful of all, Crom, created a servant to do his bidding from the matter at the center of the first nebula. Known as Crom Sag-Sal, he was quickly sent to find an appropriate home from which Crom could rule and oversee the happenings of this new show. Eons later Crom Sag-Sal, known as Crom's Devil, found a nice blue/green planet, that its later inhabitants would call Earth, and prepared an icy throne (on account of Crom's constant need for frosty mugs) from which Crom would rule over all other subsequent life. As various other gods and goddesses arrived in this part of the cosmos, they set up in places known as Olympus, Asgard, and the Egyptian Skies. Crom assumes command over all but interferes little. Crom's Devil, however is readily making his presence known so as to remind the other pantheons of gods that Crom's order will be kept in balance or else. Lately, however, as Crom's Devil has not received a single word from Crom, he bides his time by making edits to various wikia pages and collecting Pez dispensers (Hey, everybody needs a hobby).

Powers and Abilities


Um, like all of them!


See Above

Strength level



Talking about himself. He will go on for days and become oblivious, at times, to anything else around him.


Equipment: Anything he wants
Transportation: By means of thought itself. (Also a suped-up Sachs Mad-Ass)
Weapons: You're kidding, right?


Loves to be right. Hates pretentious and mean people.


Holds the Guiness Book of World Records for stuffing the most Vienna Sausages in his mouth at the same time. (Okay, it's not actually in the book but he totally can do it if he were eligible. Apparently gods, demons and meta-humans aren't sanctioned to hold their precious records). Also, he makes one aweome meatloaf.

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