Jamie and me

Me and Jamie at a fancy-pants ball

Hi there,

I'm Halley and I'm considered the art director here on the Database. That's really because my favourite part of DC and other cartoons/comics is the artwork ^__^

I'm a graduate from a Journalism program and enjoy writing, reading, drawing, videogames and generally using those kinds of skills that aren't the most practical in the working world (LOL) You can see some of my art work in the fan art section of the Database and I also have a gallery on if you're interested. No pressure.

Halley McPolin
Lead Art Director and Project Consultant
DC Database Project

About Me


Real Name: Halley McPolin
Former Aliases: Mirage, Cheshire Cat

Occupation: CSR
Legal Status: Canadian citizen.
Identity: Publicly known.
Marital Status: Committed
Base of Operations: Ontario, Canada

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Celtic tattoo on upper-middle back

Strength Level: Halley possesses the strength of a woman her height and weight who engages in little regular excercise.

Known Powers: Power of persuasion
Known Abilities: Fantastic spatial skills

My Art

Please see the Marvel Database Project for more Marvel-related work :)

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