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My name is Nick "Harold" Fulfaro, having preferred my old camp nickname when I first created my account a couple years back. You can call me either Harold or Haroldrocks, since it's probably easier for others to figure out which one I am that way. I've been an admin here at the DC Database since September 2014 but have contributed since 2011. Although I don't have an exact area of expertise, I'm usually seen hanging out on cartoon pages as well as New 52 character pages. The newest admin, I started reading comics at the start of the New 52, (Batman #2 being the first issue I picked up), and have been in love with DC ever since.

My favorite heroes are Batman, Nightwing, the Flash, but I find the villains are the ones that really lead a story. Some of my favorite baddies include Gorilla Grodd, the Penguin, the Riddler, and Scarecrow to name a few.

I'm always happy to help, so if you have any questions, leave a message on my talk page. And thanks for visiting the Wiki!

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  • (Almost) Genius-Level Intellect: Harold is a self proclaimed genius, having the IQ slightly higher than that of a camel.
  • Intimidation: Harold is a master of intimidation. By growling and looking completely ridiculous, people are sure to shy away from a fight.

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My notes for later:

  • Scott Snyder confirmed on Twitter the chronology of the events is Rebirth, Metal, Oz, Mister Miracle, Doomsday Clock. He then corrected in the replies that Oz does in fact come before Metal.

List of Disasters in Gotham City (New 52)


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