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Abigail Holland was born into the Aristocratic Arcane family of Transylvania. After accidentally killing her own mother, she was raised by her uncle Anton Arcane, who had tried to draw out her connection to The Black - an elemental force of rot, death, and decay to which all Arcanes share a link. She was raised alongside Arcane's Un-Men, and tried to escape on multiple occasions.[1][2]

Sometime later, she met with the Swamp Thing, and fell in love with him. Though she had always felt the call of The Rot, his connection to The Green had protected her from succumbing to it. Eventually they were married in their own unique way, and lived together in the Louisiana swamp until her husband was destroyed.[3][4]

Raise Them Bones

Sometime after the Swamp Thing's death, the human botanical scientist who had been instrumental in his creation, Alec Holland found himself resurrected from death in the Louisiana swamp. Though the Swamp Thing was never Alec Holland, his own natural connection to The Green had left Alec with the Swamp Thing's memories still in his head. Despite the Green's call, Alec denied his destiny.

Abigail suddenly appeared in Alec's life just in time save him from agents of The Rot. They escaped on Abigail's motorcycle.[5] Once Abigail and Alec were safely away, she forced him to prove his identity as the avatar of The Green. She then revealed her own connection to the elemental force of the Black, or The Rot.

Her half-brother William was also connected to the Rot, and had just awakened to his role. Abby had put him in a home under the pretense that he was especially susceptible to germs in order to prevent him from reachign his potential. However, he learned that he was able to control dead and rotting matter, and used this ability to escape his care facility and then headed off into the dessert to start building an army.[6]

Against her warnings, Alec insisted on joining Abby on her journey to stop her half-brother from becoming the avatar of the Rot. Abby warned that Alec's connection to the Green would weaken if he continued travelling into the Deadlands, where William's army was assembled.[7]

While making last preparations, Alec bought Abby some canned peaches, having used his memories of the Swamp Thing to recall that they were a favourite food of hers. Though Abigail was somewhat turned off by his using the memories of someone else to his advantage - someone she once loved - she accepted the gift.

Abigail and Alec kiss

Outside the store, they were set upon by William and his creatures. Though the fight went poorly, Alec managed to reach into the Green and trap William in a tree. Abigail was wounded, and as Alec treated her wound, they admitted that they both had dreams - sometimes nightmares - about their respective elemental forces. Alec had had dreams of a girl made of bones, and Abigail had dreamt of a boy made of leaves. There had always been warnings from the elements to avoid those people in both dreams, but realizing that they had been dreaming about each other, their own voices seemed stronger than those of the Green or the Rot. Pushing aside the natural opposition their internal forces had for each other, Alec and Abigail shared their first kiss.[8]

Abby was suddenly enveloped by tendrils of The Rot. As Alec desperately tried to tear her free, William escaped his captors and explained that the Rot never wanted him; it wanted Abby. She was meant to become Avatar of the Rot. As Abby was dragged into a cocoon of rotting flesh, she begged Alec to run before she could kill him.[9]

Abby becomes an avatar of the Rot.

Afterwards, the Rot's servants took Abby's cocoon deep into the Deadlands, alongside Sethe's throne. According to the Parliament of Trees, when she emerged from the cocoon, she would become a force of death. For Abby's sake, Alec agreed to become the Swamp Thing, finally, and set things right.[10]

Swamp Thing fought through the Rot's domain, trying to save Abby. Unfortunately, Abby's transformation was completed, and she became an avatar of the Rot - The Black Queen. Although Swamp Thing tried to reason with her, Abby was consumed by the desire to destroy him.[11]

Fortunately, Alec had secreted orchid seeds into the canned peaches that he bought her earlier, and he encouraged them to grow within her until the Rot could no longer hold purchase in her body. Then, she took her revenge.[12]

Upon arriving back at their old house in the swamp, they were attacked by Anton Arcane and his Un-Men, who hoped to take her back.[13] Fortunately, they fought him off, but Alec and his new ally Buddy Baker would enter the Rot to stop him once and for all soon after. This left Abby and Buddy's wife Ellen alone to deal with the creatures of the Rot for more than a year, as they became trapped in the Rot themselves.[14]


  • Psychokinesis: Abigail Holland is a natural psychic whose abilities began to develop when she was a child.
    • Empathy: Abby posseses a natural emotional affinity towards other living things. At first terrified by such an ability, Abby later accepted the power to feel the emotions of others and it was this ability that drove her towards pursuing a career in medicine. Abby's empathic control is what also enabled her to recognize her father as the Patchwork Man, and also paved the way for her romantic relationship and later marriage to the Swamp Thing.
    • Telepathy: In connection with her empathic control, Abby can also perceive mental impressions from the minds of others and on a low level, transmit her thoughts to other people as well. She once used this ability to telepathically sense Alec Holland's soul which had been trapped in a mystic globe by the Nebiros.


  • Medical Science: Abigail Holland is experienced in the field of basic medicine and first aid.

  • While the character was created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson for their Swamp Thing Vol 1, this version of the character was refined and redesigned by writer Scott Snyder and artist Yanick Paquette.
  • Abby's marriage to the Swamp Thing was conducted through Neopagan ritual and is not legally recognized by any state or organized religion.
  • Abby's white hair with black streaks appears to be a dominant hereditary trait among the Arcane women. Her grandmother Anaïs Arcane had similar hair.



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