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You can call me Lantern. I've been a comic book fan since my Dad bought me my first comic book when I was 7. For me comics and graphic novels are the greatest form of art and story combined together to form something that is only limited by the imaginations of the writer, penciller, and reader. Even then the possibilities are still endless. I started out with a Green Lantern comic which will always be my favorite. I started with Hal Jordan in his gray in the temple phase then went to Kyle Rayner the powerful torchbearer. But Jordan's return in Rebirth was the greatest comic to hit the shelf in years. The melding of past, present, and the soon to be future made for spectacular storytelling.

After starting with GL I then branched out to Green Lantern Corps, Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Nightwing, Robin Tim Drake the future World's Greatest Detective, Kid Flash the former Flash, and Superboy, Conner Kent, Kon-El, both did more in there few years then most heroes do in a life time, both died heroes and both return. Two of the best to walk the Earth, welcome back guys!!! And there's the always righteous and hilarious Green Arrow, coupled with the great Black Canary, The Question, Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, The Teen Titans, Titans, and most recently Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

I know fans are always arguing which is better; Marvel or DC? Well there's really no contest. DC is the original, the greatest, the one and only classic. Such rich history and amazing storytelling and artistry; who can argue with greatness??

I especially can't wait to for the upcoming epic of 2009, Geoff John's The Blackest Night!!!! Should be enough to shake up the entire DC Universe for years to come!!!!

Where I Do the Majority of My Work

The majority of my time lately is spent working on War of Light, Blackest Night, Green Lantern Corps, and any of the other Lantern Corps that are part of the upcoming Blackest Night epic. Can't wait for it to begin in July!!!

My Favorite Lantern Images

These are just some of my favorite images of Green Lantern, War of Light, the newest Corps to join the DC Universe, the Flash, Justice League, and anything else I find that I like with a DC tag to it.

Powers and Abilities


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Equipment: Green Lantern Power Battery
Transportation: 1967 Chevrolet Impala, Black, Hard-Top, Four Door
Weapons: Green Lantern Ring


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