I'm the current acting site senior administrator, having been part of the project since 2008. I'm a college student studying psychology at Clark University in Worcester, MA although I live and grew up in New York City. In addition to my extremely professional interest in comic book storytelling, I also do improv, theater and work with kids.

Past Mistakes

I am not above error. If I have corrected something incorrectly, I apologize to you and assure you it wasn't personal. Just put it back with a short little explanation, or tell me to put it back; I'll do it. Also, there was a time awhile ago when I too was new to this site, and didn't really understand everything. I'm certain there are plenty of old mistakes of mine out there, many on pages I'm not watching. If you see any, my apologies in advance that I've generated work for you if you choose to correct them; or again, feel free to alert me. Thank you for bearing with my past self.



Things I Hate to Type In

I'm just going to stick these right here, so whenever I'm writing about Nightwing or Renee Montoya or the Teen Titans, I can copy paste from here instead of using incorrect text.

  • Blüdhaven
  • Renée Montoya
  • George Pérez
  • José Marzan, Jr.
  • José Luis García-López
  • Stéphane Roux

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Favorite single issues

This list is constantly being updated.

My Sub-Pages

Powers and Abilities


Bird Levitation, Pyrokinesis (Ability to read Fire's mind).


Cat-like speed, reflexes, and nap-taking.

Strength level

Neutral. Increases when cornered.


Unable to resist the promise of free T-Shirts.



  • Duct Tape
  • A Cellphone
  • A Good Book.


  • Primarily Subway


  • House Keys
  • Nunchuks
  • Pens


  • No special notes.


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