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Nathaniel "Nate" ??? was born in Laurel, Mississippi, USA. As a child, Nate was fascinated by the extraordinary. He liked to daydream and imagine worlds of fantasy, where anything can happen. He quickly became fond of a particular television show that came on in the afternoons after he came home from school - Teen Titans. This was his gateway into DC Comics. Soon after, he found a Justice League VCH volume at Blockbuster, which he immediately begged his parents to rent for him. After watching the League unite in the series' first few episodes, Nate's enthusiasm for superheroes increased tenfold. He continued to watch and read stories about good triumphing over evil, but he always kept a passion for DC Comics above all other franchises because DC Comics was his first.

Because these television shows, movies, and books sparked his creativity, at nine years old Nate began writing his own little stories. They were not great stories, but it was a start for him to realize that he wanted to be a novelist when he entered the adult world. This was his plan up until Nate's high school years. He suddenly realized that, while he would always have a passion for writing fiction, he would need a steady-paying job while he wrote on the side. Nevertheless, Nate wanted to stay close to novels, so he decided that becoming a book editor for a publishing company would be a great way to accomplish that.

Nate had a substantial academic record. He applied himself to his studies, spending four hours reading his textbooks and notes almost every day after school to maintain his status in his high school's top 5 in academic rankings. In doing so, Nate received a presidential scholarship to his university of choice. There, Nate started out as an English major. Later, he learned that book editing is a career choice with a negative job outlook, so he would need every advantage to land the job he wanted. Upon conducting some research, Nate learned that publishers are looking for people with either English or Public Relations degrees to become book editors. Nate's solution was to add Public Relations as a second major to give him the edge he would need. Using what he learned about analytical and editorial writing, Nate landed a job as an editorial assistant with the University Press of Mississippi (UPM) at the start of his third year in university.

During his senior year at university, Nate decided to add another skill set to his résumé by becoming the feature editor for his university's newspaper. With news being another facet of publishing, he took on this job hoping his experience in news would further help him land a job as a full-time editor in the future. In addition to the newspaper job, for his senior year, Nate has also begun working on his senior thesis. Focusing on his English major for this thesis, Nate is conducting an expanded literary analysis on Tom King's Omega Men: The End Is Here, where he incorporates his passion for DC Comics into his study. In his thesis, Nate argues that King uses Omega Men to simultaneously justify and critique U.S. military involvement overseas in a post-9/11 world. He doesn't promise this thesis would intrigue everyone, but he is confident it will be thought-provoking enough to allow him to graduate.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Analytical and Editorial Writing: Nate has been and is currently training to become proficient in both analytical and editorial styles of writing. His talents have earned him his current position in the University Press of Mississippi as an editorial assistant as well as other awards and scholarships.
  • Diplomacy: Nate is capable of using rational thinking and a calm approach to diffuse most arguments and other heated situations. He often employs a third party, or "outsider," point of view while assessing a situation to provide perspective to both sides and to find a solution that acts as a compromise. Nate often tries to take a neutral stance for as long as possible, finding merits in both party's arguments if able.
  • Debate: On the other hand, while Nate does indeed try to remain neutral during conflict, he is certainly able to use the same rational thinking and outsider perspective to give counterarguments to either side. If he feels strongly about an argument, he will adopt it and back it up with evidence (and sometimes analogy). If someone is able to counter his counterargument and provide enough evidence to support his or her claim, Nate is willing to concede. He does not often brashly maintain a certain stance in the face of opposing evidence.
  • Event Recall: Nate has an acute event memory. He can remember the cake he had for his third birthday party; dreams he had when he was four years old; and the birthdays of every pet he has ever owned in his household. There are many types of memory. The downside to having such detailed event memory is that - while he has no trouble remembering what he has done in the past - he has problems remembering things he has to do in the future. To counter this downside, Nate keeps a tight schedule for the things he needs to do so that he will not naturally forget.
  • Grappling (Basic): While his short stature would normally act as a disadvantage in a struggle, Nate has practiced his grappling skills enough that he is able to bring opponents a foot taller and one hundred pounds heavier to the ground. Despite his height and build, Nate is stronger than he looks. Add this to his low center of gravity, and he can make targets off-balance enough to send them to the floor.
  • Musicianship: Nate spent eight years in various levels of school concert and marching bands as a tuba / sousaphone player. He has won various high-end awards both as an individual player and as a member of a group, including first place in a couple international competitions. Since leaving his university's band program, Nate has stayed in music by learning another bass instrument, the bass guitar.
  • Cooking: Nate enjoys working in the kitchen. He likes trying out new recipes, and he regularly cooks hot meals for his roommates. They have yet to complain about the food's quality, and he hopes that means he cooks relatively well.
  • Storytelling: As an accompaniment to his English degree, Nate is working on receiving a Concentration on creative writing. He has loved writing stories since he was a young child, and he has taken steps (and continues to take steps) to improve his storytelling skills. He aspires to become a novelist one day (when he finds the time to actually sit down and finish a manuscript).

Strength level

Nate has the appropriate strength for a human of his height and weight who engages in occasional exercise.


Time Management


Equipment: Nate has seven objects that he never leaves the house without, which he lists in his head before closing the door: his wallet, watch, phone, keys, headphones, comb, and ring.
Transportation: 2004 Dodge Stratus
Weapons: Nate follows the belief that the mind is one's greatest weapon, and he is willing and ready to use it as he needs it.


  • While Nate loves all things DC Comics, his area of expertise is anything involving Titans / Teen Titans. He hopes to be one of the main contributors to Titan-related pages on the DC Wikia.
  • Nate has a personal blog where he reviews comic books: Nerdy N8's Notes.


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