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Birth of the Mad Hatter

Jervis Dogson is a professional hypnotist from London, who lived with his young daughter Alice. Following her brutal murder at the hands of a serial killer known as "The Beast", he has a nervous breakdown and is sent to a psychiatric unit. There he indulges in the works of Lewis Carroll, specifically Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - stories which he read to his daughter Alice. His mind deteriorated, although he was able to get himself released back into society. For whatever reason, he became obsessed with Jervis Tetch, also known as The Mad Hatter, from the Batman comics. After taking a mixture of prescription and illegal drugs, Jervis suffered a seizure which rewrote his brain chemistry, and he came to believe himself as the Mad Hatters from both Lewis Carroll's stories as well as the DC Comics and media. He renamed himself as "Jervis Tetch" and took on the moniker of Mad Hatter, and began to search for his daughter Alice, despite her gruesome fate. Whilst believing he was the Mad Hatter, he began identifying several people in his personal lives as characters from the DC Universe, and worked on a way to brainwash them to fulfill his fantasy and escape reality.

Whilst working a college under the alias of Trevor Wilson, he befriended a young woman named Barbara Maxwell, and believed her daughter Diana was his late daughter Alice. After a series of drugs and alcohol, he abducted Diana along with his work colleagues and hypnotised them to believe they were characters from Alice in Wonderland, and had Barbara arrested by the police after setting her up for the possession of illegal firearms - in an attempt to remove her from the picture. Jervis was eventually arrested and sentenced back to the psychiatric unit to receive proper help, and felt deep distress over the recent incidents.

Release from the Seafield Institute

Jervis spent five years in the unit and was released back into society once again. Unknown to others, he had endured experimental treatment by a Professor Hector Shaw to remove his delusions, and the pain and trauma forced Jervis to bury his Mad Hatter persona temporarily. Going against his parole, he moved away and went under the new name of Toby and altered his appearance slightly to avoid detection, but made vain attempts not to fall back into his Wonderland delusions. He began to work at a cafe, where he fell in love with a colleague named Caitlin White, who reminded him of Alice's mother Samantha. But his confidence had wavered with his drug abuse and experimental treatment, and he took to stalking her instead. When she found out his deceit she threatened to expose him, which resulted in Jervis attacking and killing her in a blind rage. Overwhelmed with grief, he managed to contain himself long enough to dispose of the body and cover up the crime scene, and wrote a falsified resignation letter claiming she had left the company. Jervis resigned from the cafe job and moved away for a new life.

Jervis rented an empty shop and set up a costume and hat store, which was mostly Wonderland themed. At this time he took to abusing himself with more drugs and alcohol, and after the death of his adopted pooch Dopey his mind broke again and his Mad Hatter persona resurfaced more unstable than ever. Whilst working at the hat shop he put together a delusional idea to make his wonderland a "reality" and began to work on a new project - a mind control device implementing his hypnotic capabilities. Trying to keep himself on the right track, he released his repressive negative thoughts by writing a diary/book, but it became a jumbled mess and angered Jervis even more. He became attracted to a local cashier named Judy and wanting her to become his new Alice he lured her to his flat but during a blackout killed her. Distressed, he hid the body and later booked himself back into the psychiatric unit, claiming he was hearing voices. He was kept under evaluation and treatment, whilst his hat shop went bust and closed down.

Redemption of the Hatter

After being released again, Jervis kept his mad hatter persona, but was less murderous and impulsive as before. Discovering that the activities of the Beast had started up again, Jervis returned to his hometown in an attempt to find the Beast and bring him to justice. He brainwashed his twin cousins to become his henchman the Tweeds and help on his quest of revenge. Whilst keeping tabs on the police's progress, he worked in another cafe where he fell for a girl named Samia Liddell, and Jervis dated her. Samia was aware of Jervis' dark past but embraced his criminal activities, even willing to become his partner in crime "Madam Hatter". But Jervis didn't want her involved in his quest of revenge, and they put their relationship on hold.

Jervis brainwashed a detective to help him keep tabs on the investigation. Whilst the police were gathering a warrant for the arrest of a suspect, Jervis beat them to the house and kidnapped the man whose name was Caleb Cormack, who Jervis discovered had a 12-year-old victim in his possession, as well as access to a website run by a shady contact known as "The Dollmaker". Jervis used his hypnotic abilities to force a confession out of Caleb, who was forced to reveal that he had abducted and murdered Alice all these years ago, although there had been "many others". Before Jervis could torture him further, the police arrived and arrested them, much to Jervis' frustration as he wanted to know what became of Alice's body.

Jervis discovered that Caleb had been sent to the institute that Jervis was originally imprisoned in, so managed to have himself readmitted, with the intentions of killing the Beast. During his treatment, Jervis again buried his Mad Hatter personality, but continued his burning desire to kill the Beast.

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