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He was an ordinary person working in a psychiatric dispensary until he found an old mobile phone on the street that God contacted him and appointed Phenobarbitalum him a messenger.

Powers and Abilities



Strength level



  • Weakened Immunity (Formerly): He had very weak immunity, as well as an allergy to pollen and some medications. After divine enlightenment, his health returned to normal.
  • Myopia (Formerly): from an early age, he partially lost his sight due to an eyeball defect. After the divine enlightenment, his vision returned to normal.
  • Divine Law: There are certain boundaries of influence that Phenobarbitalum, as an angel of God, has no right to cross. If it does, it faces the punishment of the God. He is also limited in strength compared to real angels.



  • Angel's Armor
  • Nokia 3310  : through this phone he can get in touch with God, but only in exceptional cases.


  • Angel's Wings



  • Initially, he had brown eyes and black hair. After he received Grace Angel, his eye color turned green and his hair turned white.


  • Phenobarbitalum has an older brother who practiced his training after receiving Grace. But as he did not ask, his brother refused to accept similar forces for himself.

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