aka Andrew

  • I live in New York, NY
  • I was born on July 22
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

I just started reading/buying comic books in September 2010, but I'll do my best to help improve the wiki!

I love Booster Gold and Batgirl! Stephanie Brown is the best!


Booster Gold 002 This user probably bought something with Booster Gold's face on it and loved it.

Batgirl Barbara Gordon 0001 This user is a fan of Batgirl.

Power Girl 0002 This user is a ridiculously BIG fan of Power Girl.

Wonder Woman 0002 This user is compelled to admit they worship Wonder Woman.

Zatanna 015 Siht resu si a naf fo annataZ.

Star Sapphire 008 This user is enamoured by Star Sapphire.

Batman 001 This user is a fan of Batman.

Batwoman 0002 This user is a fan of Batwoman.

Final Crisis Vol 1 3 002 This user is a fan of Supergirl.

Harley Quinn 0004 In their own perverse way, this user is crazy for Harley Quinn.

Libertybelleflashrebirth This user is a fan of Jesse Quick.

Starfire 005 This Tamaranian bows before their princess, Starfire.

Wonder Girl Vol 2 1 Textless This user is a fan of Cassandra Sandsmark, the the second Wonder Girl.

Poison Ivy 0005 This user has been seduced by Poison Ivy.

Donna Troy 006 This user understands the many lives of Donna Troy.

Zinda Blake 021 This user flies with Lady Blackhawk.

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