Superheroes I like

Animal Man, Atom (Ray Palmer), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batman (Earth-Two), The Bat of Earth-40, Batman of Earth-Nolan, Batwoman, Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett), Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Clark Kent of Earth-Smallville, Elongated Man, Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein), Flash (Jay Garrick), Flash (Barry Allen), Flash (Wally West), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Green Arrow of Earth-Two, Guy Gardner (New Earth), Hal Jordan (New Earth), Kyle Rayner (New Earth), Lex Luthor (Pocket Universe), Mary Marvel, Nightwing (Dick Grayson), The Question, Ray (Ray Terrill), Red Robin, Robin of Earth-Two, Rorschach, Roy Harper (New Earth), Roy Harper of Earth-15, Spider-Boy, Superboy of the Pocket Universe, Kal-El (New Earth), Superman (Earth-Two), Superman (Earth-22), Superman (Earth-30), Supernova, Super Solider, Wonder Woman, Zatanna.

Superhero teams I like

All-Star Squadron, Freedom Fighters, Justice Society of America, Justice League of America, Justice League International, Justice League Europe, Outsiders, Teen Titans, Young All-Stars.

Supervillains I like

Alexei Luthor (Earth-Two), Angle Man, Anti-Monitor, Baron Blitzkrieg (New Earth), Black Adam, Count Vertigo, Catman, Catwoman, Darkseid, Deathstroke, Evil Star (New Earth), Joker (New Earth), KGBeast, Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor (Earth-One), Livewire, Lord Havok (Earth-8), Parasite, Per Degaton (New Earth), Poison Ivy, Riddler, Sonar,Superman-Prime, Two-Face, Ultraman, Vandal Savage.

Comic book must-reads

52, All Star Superman, Batman, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists, Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer, Final Crisis.

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