Roscoe Coaltrane

  • I live in Toronto, Canada
  • Bio I became a carpenter only to build shelves for my comics.
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Who is Batman's Riddle-Solving Sensei?

Riddle me this Batman: When is a lantern like a tornado?
Riddle me this Batman: What do you get when you put the Earth in reverse?
Riddle me this Batman: What begins with Tom Strong's Earth and is ended by Mxyzptlk?
Riddle me this Batman: What villain 'wears' two bras?
Riddle me this Batman: How do you turn Adam into a Phantom?

This is a powerful bit of wikitext that only displays on Smartphones. I don't know that I invented it, but I built this form years ago and it's free for anyone to copy and re-purpose.

Only SmartPhone Users Will See The Following

Information Using the Collapsed Wikitable

Smartphones often show a simplified version of the

DC Database Wiki, and some of the details are lost.
You can restore the desktop view on your Smartphone.

From the 'Export' Icon From the Browser's HTTP address bar
Click on the "Export'" Icon and scroll until you find

"Request Desktop Site"

Click and hold the Refresh Icon until the option

To "Request Desktop Site" appears.

Once in Desktop mode, go to the Browser's 'Export' icon and

"Add Link To Home Page". Now you can open DC Database in desktop mode from your Homepage

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