Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Samuel was the second of three children to a Deaf mother. Sometimes considered odd by his peers, Samuel stimulated his mind with the constant companion of literature. Upon having reached high school, he discovered a comic belonging to his sister, Batman: The Killing Joke, eventually leading him to a world of comic books. Two years later, Samuel finally walked into the local comic book shop and started his own collection.


Some of his other interests include Disney's Gargoyles and zombies in any media.

Powers and Abilities


Telepathy: This user can often tell what you're thinking.


Silence: This user can approach you quietly and startle you if you're not paying attention.

Strength level

Average Strength: This user can lift his own body weight, but prefers not to.


The Internet: This user often wastes hours on the internet, accomplishing remarkably little.



  • DELL(RED) Laptop: This user purchased a customized laptop, the proceeds of which went to fight HIV/AIDS and malaria in Africa.


  • Ambulatory: This user walks everywhere.


  • None: This user does not carry weapons, he has found that generally a scowl will suffice.


  • This user does not like to be called "Sam".


  • This user likes the primary colors -- red, blue, and yellow -- in tandem.
  • This user likes to match his socks and underwear.
  • This user often shares too much information without thinking much of it.

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