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After being created, I attempted several times to write underground comics. I created the Buck-Toothed Ghost and the Mighty Boys. Thanks to everyone who worked for free to help me do all that stuff! Anyway, I kind of gave up. Now I play drums in a band, and that's a lot of fun. I still have a lot of ideas if anyone out there is bored and can draw.

Currently, I am working on the Impact Universe pages here. When I began using this site as a reference for my online comic book store, I was horrified to see that there were no Impact pages. Thanks to Goblyn4evil and the others who have helped me form that corner of this site. It's really starting to take shape.

Powers and Abilities


squared & cubed


can flash juggle seven balls

Strength level



wine, women, wine and women -- and oh yeah, i missed the Null Set.


Equipment: private
Transportation: bike
Weapons: pass-a-fist


d flat, c sharp


Grant Morrison once told a room full of people that he read my comic book.

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