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Hello, I'm a fan of DC Comics, mostly because of its unique "continuity problems".

I like Superman, mostly the Silver Age version. That is the reason why I like Superman more than ever now - he's one of the founding members of the JLA; there are different colors of kryptonite (red, blue, etc.); Krypto is an actual dog from Krypton, not the fake holographic version in the Phantom Zone (but that story was interesting); he is not the only survivor (but he's still the "LAST SON of Krypton"), there is also Krypto, Supergirl, General Zod, and the Bottle City of Kandor. My favorite Silver Age elements are his career as Superboy, the inspiration for the Legion of Super-Heroes; Jonathan and Martha Kent owning a general store, in addition to running the farm; the Phantom Zone criminals; the Superman Robots; Kandor settling on New Krypton/Rokyn. Personally, I think Ursa should have been Faora and Non should be Quex-Ul.

Batman is awesome! While I think its interesting he and Superman are in each other's throats and don't quite agree with each other's methods in the way Frank Miller and John Byrne portrayed, I favor them being best friends in the Silver Age. It looks like they're close to that now. He's even one of the founding members of the JLA.

Wonder Woman is really special, she's a warrior first and a superheroine second (as George Perez demonstrated). But I don't like how they start her life over after she was "killed" in Crisis on Infinite Earths when they could have retold her early adventures the way they did to Superman in The Man of Steel. My favorite Pre-Crisis elements are: Wonder Woman purchasing the identity from Diana Prince, a U.S. Army nurse look-alike, and becoming a secretary in the U.S. Army Intelligence; Steve Trevor, an intelligence agent and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince's love interest; Etta Candy, a sweet-toothed plumped competent woman; her arch-nemesis, the Cheetah (Priscilla Rich); Queen Hippolyta as a blonde; she's one of the founding members of the JLA; her twin sister Nubia (I like the spelling Nu'Bia).

I think Aquaman is cool enough. I think he deserves a little respect, but I like the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim bumpers where he shakes his booty. I like the Silver Age version better - a hybrid offspring of human Tom Curry and Atlanna, the exiled Atlantean princess. Yet, I was intrigued with the "blond hair is a curse" idea. It took the Aryan concept on a different level.

The Black Canary and Zatanna are the hottest babes ever! Their fishnets make them sexy. My favorite Black Canary costume is in her debut, when she was wearing the blonde wig over her natural black hair. I think she should have worn a black domino mask like her mother did (which would make her a splitting image of her mother). As for Zatanna, she better in her female magician/tuxedo look with the top hat. If Zatanna wanted to keep her superheroics a secret, she shoud wear that other costume while in public and use her magic so nobody would recognize her (like nobody realizes Sailor Moon and Serena look alike even though she doesn't wear a mask - there must be magic involved).

My favorite superheroes are the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman. A team of a man and woman who are police officers on an alien planet; they became partners, then lovers, and married; they came to Earth to capture Byth Rok (the man who manipulated him to kill his father Paran Katar); they decide to stay to learn about our crime-fighting methods; the only person they entrusted with their secret is a police commissioner who believes them; they took on secret identities as museum curators; they came to love Earth and see it as their home when their homeplanet became an expansionist empire; they turn against their own kind and see themselves as Earthlings; and they have each other (and the JLA to watch their backs). Damn whoever messed up their history, why can't they just let Hawkworld be a 'Year One' story and that'll be the end of it.

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