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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming to theaters on March 25th, attempting to answer the question nerds have been debating for decades. Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? We thought about it and the question is, of course, flawed. There are so many different versions of both heroes thanks to DC's extensive multiverse. The first question you have to answer is, which Batman and Superman are fighting? We decided to make a bracket of Batmen and Supermen (Batmans and Supermans? neither sounds right) representing all corners of the DC multiverse and have them duke it out for superiority. There is a Batman side of the bracket and a Superman side of the bracket. Eventually one Batman and one Superman will be determined as the greatest of each side, and they will duke it out in the final round.

To give you an idea of how we made our selections, we tried to use as many diverse examples as possible. This meant avoiding versions of either character that are basically just idealized representations of the main DC Universe. For example, the Bruce Wayne of Batman: The Animated Series didn't make the list, but Terry McGinnis did.


And the winner is...

Terry McGinnis DCAU 006.jpg
Terry McGinnis
of Batman Beyond

Thanks for voting!


Voting Schedule:

  • Round One (Ends Mar. 2)
  • Round Two (Ends Mar. 9)
  • Round Three (Ends Mar. 16)
  • Semi-Finals (Ends Mar. 23)
  • Finals (Ends Mar. 28)
  • Winner Announced: March 29

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