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Darkseid was a tyrant native to the planet Apokolips, and wanted to rule all.

Darkseid sent his minions, the Parademons to Earth to plant Mother Boxes so he could come to the planet by a boom tube. Darkseid's arrival was met by seven individuals who had fended off several swarms of his forces. Among them was Superman, who Darkseid took personal interest in so the kryptonian's DNA would be added to the Parademons.

Almost immediately, Darkseid was shown to be a powerful threat, easily overpowering Shazam and breaking Hal Jordan's arm. While Batman went to rescue the captured Superman, the other heroes banded together to fight Darkseid, taking both of his eyes out. Using their combined powers, the heroes managed to send Darkseid and his forces back to Apokolips through the various Boom Tubes he created.





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