Val-Ty was a sociopath on Krypton.

During his original career, he crossed paths with Green Lantern Tomar-Re, whom he eluded by destroying Xan City. Later, he was captured and placed in the Phantom Zone.

When Zod's blanket amnesty was issued, he and the other Phantom Zone criminals were released. Unlike the group who went with Ursa, Val stayed on New Krypton, going rogue. He was the target of a manhunt by the Military Guild, and was eventually captured by Kal-El's Red Shard, for which he has vowed revenge.


Under a yellow sun, Val-Ty has powers equivalent to those of Superman.

  • Val-Ty used the alias Zal-Zan, and acquired the alias "Zal the Grey" due to his grey hair. From this he developed the name "Greyline" when he received a massive scar running though his left eye, down his face, up into his scalp and around his head, circumnavigating the left side of his head. He is naturally blind in one eye (though he may have acquired a prosthetic eye) and cannot use heat-vision from that eye.
  • Based on his comments while in prison, Val-Ty's beliefs are based on the Kryptonian god Rao. How devout he is is unknown.



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