Born in the 31st Century, Karate Kid and his friend, Dawnstar, both dreamed of joining the Legion of Superheroes, but were both rejected. Angry and frustrated, the friends went to the Superman museum to find inspiration. At the display of the frozen body of Lex Luthor, Val scoffed at the very idea such a weak-looking human could be counted as Superman's greatest enemy. He believed he and Dawnstar could easily defeat the primitive and proceeded to shatter the ice to prove it, unknowingly setting off a journey that would take the two young heroes across time and space.


  • Weakness Detection: Karate Kid can sense weaknesses in objects and especially in people and exploit those weaknesses with his martial arts.


  • Though based on the Legion of Superheroes character of the same name, Val's costume resembles the one worn by the Super Friends-era character Samurai.



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