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Valerie Van Haaften is the Puzzler, an enemy of Superman who can break down her body into puzzle pieces.

For years she admired Superman, even trying to become a superheroine by joining a team of superheroes to draw his attention. However, she knew the Justice League would never let her join. She tried contacting the Outsiders to join their team, but they never responded to her.

Unable to realize her dream, Valerie instead tried to become one of his archvillains. When Manchester Black mind controlled, convinced, or coerced dozens of supervillains to attack Superman, Puzzler was among them, being scattered to pieces quickly by the man of steel.[1]

She was hired by Intergang to kill Clark Kent and attacked the Daily Planet. Superman arrived to stop her, and she immediately forgot her job to find Kent and went after Superman, eager to prove that she was worth being on a super team. She was unable to defeat him and was arrested by SCU, but not before getting word out about Superman's return.[2]

She went on to join a group of other villains to acquire the "Get Out of Hell Free Card" from the Secret Six, with fellow late arrivals Murmur, Komodo, and Sonar. After a fight on a Gotham City bridge and believing the card to be gone, Puzzler and the rest of the villains left.[3]

Since then she had run-ins with Supergirl[4] and was arrested in Colorado with Bloodsport, who had previously been hired by Intergang as well.[5]


  • Unique Physiology: Puzzler consists of numerous indestructible puzzle pieces, which she can control, fling, shoot as fast as bullets, etc.



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