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Van McNulty hunted the Meteor freaks down for revenge, and also took on Clark Kent.

Van McNulty's father was a Marine recruiter, who was killed by Tina Greer, a meteor infected young woman. As a result, Van developed an intense hatred against anyone who was meteor infected and set out to kill them, regardless if they had committed a crime.[1]

Van stole files from Chloe Sullivan, over people she suspected to be meteor infected and used the files to track down his targets. Among his victims were his former friend Jake Pollen and a mechanic named Leonard Wallace. However, when Van went after Lex Luthor, his assassination attempt was stopped by Clark Kent.[1]

Having learned about Clark's powers and that the meteors made his sick, Van set out to kill him next. To accomplish this, Van melted down some meteor rocks and forged them into bullets, that he shot Clark with. However, Clark survived and apprehended Van, who was then committed to Belle Reve.[1]

Months later, Van saw a chance to get revenge on Clark and teamed up with Ian Randall and Eric Summers. However, after Van had acquired a meteor rock, to subdue Clark, Ian turned on Van and killed him.[2]


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