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Vandal Savage is the seemingly immortal Nazi dictator of Earth-X.

On Earth-X, as in the Justice League's world, the Nazis lost World War II. However, Savage reconstituted the Nazi Party in the decades after the war and led them to victory over America, completing the conquest shortly before 1960.[1]

Ironicially, Savage's victory was based primarily on the powers of two aliens. He captured a Martian from his home and tortured him to use his telepathic abilities to facilitate the Reich's takeover.[2] He also discovered the infant Kal-El when he came to Earth and raised the child to be Overman, the chief enforcer of his regime. Overman's loyalty to Savage was absolute, to the point that he sacrificed the woman he loved for Savage.[3] Despite this, Savage saw Overman as nothing but a pawn.[2] An underground resistance known as the Freedom Fighters lead by Savage's nemesis General Zod formed to oppose the Reich, but Overman was able to hold them off.[1]

Although Reich propaganda depicted Savage as immortal, he was in fact merely extremely long-lived and he eventually began to age into a feeble old man. He kept this a secret even from Overman, using android duplicates for public appearances.[2] One day, the world began to be wracked by dimensional disturbances and Overman disappeared, replaced by Superman.[3] With the aid of Superman, and another Superman who mysteriously appeared, the Freedom Fighters were able to storm Savage's fortress. Savage believed that the world was ending and their battle was now pointless, although he took the time to murder Zod to ensure he died first. Zod's follower Doomsday wanted to kill Savage in retaliation, but Superman convinced him to let Savage live to stand trial as Zod would have wished.[2]


  • Decelerated Aging: Savage is 25,000 years old and has spent most of that time as a man in his prime.[2]


  • Advanced Age: Unlike the Vandal Savage of the Justice League's universe, Savage is not ageless or immortal. He has recently begun to noticeably age and now has the body of a very elderly man.[2]



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