Quote1.png I am willing to pay $100,000,000, plus expenses, for every member of the Justice League you take off the table. Quote2.png
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Vandal Savage was the founder of the Legion of Doom.

Around 80,000 years ago, a tribe of Neanderthal men living on what is now the island of Sumatra bore witness to a meteor shower passing through the Earth's atmosphere. One of the celestial stones fell into the valley where the tribe made its home. While the rest of the tribe shirked back in terror from the glowing stone, one young male stepped forward. The night was very cold, and the stone was warm. The young male caveman slept next to the stone all night, only to wake up to discover himself changed both physically and mentally, evolved beyond his fellows. It was not until decades later he realized the other part of the transformation. He had become immortal.

5,000 years later, a global cataclysm nearly destroyed humanity. The caveman enslaved the survivors and united the human race under his rule. In three generations, His people were well on the way to becoming the Earth's dominant species. For a brief time, the caveman was happy.

As the millenia passed, the caveman wandered the world as a witness to the evolution of the human race. He lived hundreds of lives, as a slave, a priest, a healer, an artist, a doctor, a soldier...but most often, a conqueror. Finally, by the early 21st century, the caveman, now going under the name Vandal Savage, had decided that humanity had grown arrogant and belligerant and was once more in need of his guiding hand and enlightened leadership. Only one thing could possibly stand in his way; the Justice League. Giving $20,000,000 just to show up, Vandal gathered Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Metallo, Bane, Mirror Master and Ma'alefa'ak form an organization he named the Legion of Doom. While he had no personal enmity with the League, he knew his new allies did, and he provided them with foolproof plans to take each member down, plans stolen from Batman's own computer. These plans, and a CONSIDERABLE amount of money, were all it took to cement the Legion's working relationship.


  • Unique Physiology: Being a Neanderthal by birth, Vandal possesses heavier, denser bones and thicker musculature than a modern man, making him much stronger and more durable.
  • Immortality: Vandal Savage has been alive for over 80,000 years. He also claims that he is virtually unkillable. This is supported by his instantaneous regenerative abilities, enabling him to heal from mortal injuries such as the when Cheetah slashed his throat and emerged unscathed.


  • Leadership: Given his millennia of experience as a leader of men, Vandal has great talent in uniting different people under his banner. He knows what motivates his followers and how to assure their loyalty.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): As a witness to human history, Vandal has knowledge of every fighting style to exist.



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