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Quote1.png 50,000 years of life and nothing ever troubled me as much as the founding of the Justice League. Dedicated to maintaining society's calcified status quo, the League would protect mankind from disaster, crime, tragedy of any kind. Have you never heard of the survival of the fittest? In essence, you heroes sought to protect humanity from it's own glorious evolution. Quote2.png
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Vandal Savage is an immortal warrior. For millennia, he steered international politics in a delicate balance with Darkseid. The creation of the Justice League threatened all of them, so he created The Light to counter them.

Born in roughly 48,000 BC, the caveman who would become Vandal Savage grew up in a tribe of his own kind. At one point in his life, Vandal was attacked by a cavebear. He survived, but the wounds the bear's claws inflicted left him with the distinctive scars across his face. At some point after this, Vandal was exposed to unique radiation from a fallen meteor that rendered him immortal and unkillable. Vandal has been a witness to almost all of human history, and has lived hundreds of lives, each time vanishing only to reappear decades later.

In his fifty millenia of life, Vandal Savage never encountered a more persistant thorn in his side than the Justice League. Where most see the League as heroes, Vandal views them as agents of stagnation, their deeds keeping mankind from evolving past its current state. Knowing he would never be able to beat the League alone, Vandal gathered like-minded comrades from among the villains of Earth to organize a response. Under Vandal's leadership, they created a cooptive network of operatives, placing key individuals in key positions. They kept themselves of the cutting edge new technology, genetic engineering, bio-chemical engineering, robotics, nanorobotics and even techno-sorcery, to say nothing of every conceivable method of mind control. With a bit of clever misdirection, Vandal was finally able to achieve his goal and take control of the entire Justice League.

Unfortunately, Vandal and his allies made the mistake of underestimating the teenage partners of several League members. The young heroes repeatedly disrupted their plans and finally freed the League before Vandal had been able to keep control of them for little more than one day. Even as his plans unravelled in front of his eyes, Vandal, ever the pragmatist, retreated, deciding he now had enough to begin "phase two" of his master plan.





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