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Vandor was the Green Lantern of Sector 3212.

A slave, he grew up in the gladiatorial arena of Ydoc, and became a celebrated warrior. He was freed after his 100th victory, and formed a resistance against the rulers of Ydoc, ending their brutal practice of gladitorial death matches. He was subsequently recruited into the Green Lantern Corps.

Vandor was part of a team tasked with taking down the Keepers. One of the last survivors, he was captured and tortured alongside Kirrt Kallak and John Stewart. He supported John's decision to kill Kirrt, who caved in to torture and was about to reveal access codes to Oa. Together, they decided to lie about it. When the truth came out, Vandor defended John's actions, and helped break him out to avoid execution.

Shortly after, Vandor was killed by the Third Army.






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