Vanessa Kapatelis was a friend and ally of Wonder Woman and the daughter of the latter's teacher, Julia Kapatelis. The proximity to the princess turned the unpopular wallflower's life upside down. The social isolation and broken friendships, as well as resentment and jealousy over Cassie Sandsmark's position as Wonder Girl, made her an ideal target for Sebastian Ballesteros and Doctor Psycho to turn her into the second Silver Swan, unleashed against Wonder Woman. She has since made a full recovery from the cybernetic enhancements.

Vanessa Kapatelis was created by George Pérez and Len Wein and first appeared in Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #3 (1987). She debuted as Silver Swan in Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #170 (2001) by Phil Jimenez. She was reintroduced to new continuity in Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #38 (2018) by James Robinson and Emanuela Lupacchino.

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