Green Lantern Corps

Varix was a Commander in the law enforcement division that served the planet Naktos. He had known Ghrelk, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 69, all of his life and had heard stories of the Green Lantern dating back five generations.

He was troubled by the ancient Green Lantern's behavior in the preceding weeks. He sought out Ghrelk after the Green Lantern had failed to avert a disastrous collision on Mkulsen's Span. Varix told Ghrelk of that and other incidents. The Green Lantern denied the accusations.

It soon became apparent even to Ghrelk that he could no longer control his power. Angered, he attempted to fly off, but his ring attacked instead. Shocked by his actions, the Green Lantern flew off to see Mkulsen's Span. Varix was forced to send an interceptor squadron to protect Naktos from Ghrelk.

When Ghrelk realized he was unable to tell friend from foe, he was immobilized by his doubts. Varix had to take his friend's ring to become the new Green Lantern. [1]


After the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, John Stewart was chosen by the Controllers for the Darkstars. To fill the void left by the Corps, Stewart recruited a number of former Green Lanterns, including Varix, Galius Zed, Charlie Vicker, and Hollika Rahn. [2]

Their first mission was to Talyn, a planet which had been devastated by Psimon. Varix later assisted on Earth, driving out an alien crime syndicate. [3]

Alpha Lanterns

After the Darkstars disbanded, Varix joined the renewed Green Lantern Corps. He was elected to become an Alpha Lantern because of his unwavering dedication to justice.

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