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Vathlo Island is populated by a "highly developed black race" of Kryptonians, and "retained its independence throughout history and did not join the planetary federation, though good relations were maintained".




  • Black Kryptonians were first shown in Superman #234, with the island itself shown on a map in Superman #239.
  • Vathlo was rarely if ever referenced beyond these few issues, although a black Kryptonian named "Iph-Ro of Vathlo" appeared in the more recent Superman: The Man of Steel #111. An offhand reference to the island was made in Alan Moore's story For the Man Who Has Everything, where "racial trouble with the Vathlo Island immigrants," are mentioned in a dream-world Krypton that had avoided destruction. It is believed, based on the appearances of black Kryptonians in recent Superman issues, that the Vathlonians eventually were integrated into Krypton proper.


  • Vathlo is very similar in concept to Marzal Island, a similar island with a black population from the Legion of Superheroes era introduced in Superboy #216.

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