Vault was one of several members of the mercenary team known as Dark Nemesis.

Vault was a massive man who wore a special suit which facilitated the use of his powers. Vault and his colleagues were hired by Pylon of the The Veil to stage a terrorist attack at the Mall of the Universe in Minneapolis, Minnesota in order to bait the Teen Titans into a trap. It was Pylon's intent to have Dark Nemesis capture the Titans and outfit them with special bracelets that would record and transmit vital biological information about them back to the Veil.

Vault erected a force field around the entire mall, trapping everyone inside. When the Titans arrived, they were able to gain access, but Vault used his powers to determine the most efficient way of combating each team member and trapped each of them inside a containment cube designed to negate their powers.

The Atom arrived and shrunk himself small enough so that he could enter the electrical system of Vault's armor and short circuit it. Unable to function, Vault was incapacitated.


  • 'Force Field: Vault was able to generate an impenetrable force field of massive size. He used this field to cover an entire shopping mall. It's withstood the force of large amounts of physical damage as well as bursts and blasts from a large number of sources, all without failure.
  • Superhuman Strength: Vault has been able to show he can hold up an entire force field without a problem, the weight of this field would've been immense. He's also been able to knock large opponents off of himself such as Cyborg.
  • Energy Coils: Vault as well as the energy used in his force fields can focus this energy in the form of short-wave coils that work to drain and withhold objects and people. He's used these coils to stop Donna Troy from moving.
  • Weakness Detection: Vault could analyze an opponent, determine their weakness, and automatically devise the most efficient means of combating them within the course of a few seconds. He could change his plans to fit the situation accordingly and just as fast as the first input of oppositional information.

  • It is unclear whether Vault's powers originate from his body, from his suit, or possibly a combination of the two.
  • Vault's true identity is unknown, but he appears to be of Asian descent.
  • Vault appears to have been romantically linked to team leader Axis.
  • Vault is mute.



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