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Veilmist was one of the first Khund Legionnaires.

Whilst male Khunds are bred for aggression, females are bred for breeding. In Khundish law, a woman is actual property of her husband, and if her husband is killed by an eligible male, he becomes her new husband.

While this system is repressive to most Khundish females, some have managed to use it to their advantage. One of these is Veilmist, a stunningly beautiful by Khundish standards, whose scientist father gave her the added bonus of teleportation powers. She has managed to seduce four Khunds into killing her previous husbands, each time rising several notches in Khundish status. Her latest was Firefist, a cybernetically-enhanced warrior.

Her marriage to Firefist coupled with her teleportation powers brought about her selection as one of the four Khunds which included Blood Claw, a giant Khundish warrior with razor sharp claws and Flederweb, a winged bounty hunter. The four joined the Legion of Super-Heroes in their fight against the sorcerer Mordru. Upon meeting Ultra Boy she attempted to persuade him into killing Firefist, but he was accidentally killed by Devlin O'Ryan.

She attempted to attach herself to Devlin and stay in the Legion. They welcomed her to stay with the Legion as she saved the Legionnaires more than once during the battle. But the Khundish leaders pointed out that Devlin was, by Khundish law, too young to marry, so she could not be his property.

Veilmist by law is now the property of the Khundish army, a situation which she is attempting to escape. This changed when it was revealed that Firefist was still alive. When, during the Khundish attempt to destroy Weber's World, she offered to help the Legion if Ultra Boy would take her as his wife, but Firefist killed her for her disloyalty.





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