The Velorpians were the Pre-Crisis version of the Czarnians.

The Velorpians were a violent and greedy race, and whenever one was killed, they would generate a hundred duplicates.


This led to overpopulation and fighting over precious resources.

The Psions offered great riches to the Velorpians to study their physiology. Based on this research, they created the Replicave.

Fearing the Velorpians' violent nature could wreak havoc upon the universe, the Psions introduced a virus to render them all sterile. The population decreased over time, with Lobo being the only survivor. He somehow retained his regenerating powers.[1]

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  • After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Velorpians were erased from existence and replaced by the Czarnian species. The Velorpians' bio-fission ability and violent nature became traits unique to Lobo alone; most Czarnians were peaceful and stayed dead when killed. Which they all were. By Lobo.

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