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 Venusians are any native species from the planet Venus. The best known Venusian is Mister Mind.



  • Blue Venusian Cavemen, encountered by Green Lantern, in the Silver Age, were neanderthalish-looking humanoids, with stone-age technology. Venusian wildlife, including flying dinosaurs, were a constant menace to these people.[1]
  • Mermor's Venusians, encountered by Aquaman, in the Silver Age, were water-breathing humanoids, with space-travel technology. Aquaman and Aqualad became involved in a war, on Venus, between two rival planetary leaders: Mermor and the tyrannical Naeco.[2]

Earth-One, Future


  • Immigrant Venusians, the Sivanas:
    • Doctor Sivana once established a base of operations on Venus
    • He crowned his daughter, Beautia, the Empress of Venus.[4]
  • Mister Mind
  • Wildlife of Venus:
    • man-sized frogs with man-like hands, servants of Beautia Sivana [4]
    • bulletproof sabretooth tigers, prehistoric elephants, giant horned crocosaurs, and the gorillion (a hybrid gorilla-lion centaur) (now extinct).[5]
    • flying crocodiles, and "tentacle-trees".[6]
    • several species of brainless night-crawlers, slugs and maggots [7]

Earth-Two, Gootsden's Hyperspace

  • Queen Desira's Venusians, encountered by Wonder Woman, in the Golden Age, were human-looking young ladies, with butterfly wings, who could fly.
    • Wonder Woman became involved in a war between these Venusians and the Meteor Men, led by Solaris.[8]
    • It was later revealed that Wonder Woman had actually traveled to the Venus of another dimension, not the native Venus of the Earth-Two dimension.[9]
    • Shortly after her return from this version of Venus, Wonder Woman was summoned by her new friend, Queen Desira of Venus, to aid the women of planet Eros, who were being treated very unjustly by the despotic ruler Dominus. Wonder Woman and her friends led a revolution that overthrew this tyrant.[10]
    • Wonder Woman was able to travel between Venus and Earth by using a teleporter built by Paula von Gunther.[11]

New Earth, Pre-Zero Hour, Future

Quality Universe, Future

  • Late in the 21st century, Earth will have problems with its rebellious human colony on Venus, and the Space Legion will be hard-pressed to keep the peace.[12] The capital city of Venus will be Vultite.[13]
  • In the year 3000,[14] the Human population of Earth will form an alliance with the Bat Men of Venus, against the Core-Men from inside the Earth.
  • In the distant future of the Quality Universe, there will be a war between Venus and Mars.[15]

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