Quote1 Decades worth of records on my family. Generations of Silverlocks going by the name "Calamity". All troubled. Thrown away in prisons or Asylums. Quote2
Olive Silverlock src

Verity Silverlock was possessed by her ancestor Amity Arkham and forced to take on the villainous identity Calamity while the specter used her to commit arson in Gotham City. There was a photo taken of her while she was incarcerated kept in a file at Gotham City Hall alongside photographs and records of many other Silverlocks who were forced to become the villain Calamity by Amity.



  • Mental Illness: Amity Arkham tears at the mental stability of her unwilling hosts causing them to feel overwhelming anger when they normally wouldn't, have blackouts, and see visions as she tries to overtake them entirely.



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