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Vesper Fairchild was a radio talk show host who became romantically involved with billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, secretly the vigilante known as Batman.

She disappeared from Gotham City during the events of No Man's Land, but would rekindle their relationship after the City's reparation. She was eventually shot and killed by David Cain, who was acting on orders from Lex Luthor (then President of the United States), to frame Wayne. Her death would lead to Batman briefly abandoning his Bruce Wayne identity.

  • Vesper's tombstone lists her birthday as October 14th 1973, and the date of her death as January 4th 2002. It also gives her middle name as Katherine.[1]
  • Doug Moench created a female radio talk show host before. In one of his early scripts (World's Finest #292); Moench created a female radio talk show host called Susan LaSalle, who was best known as "The Siren". Moench gave a similar nickname to Vesper, calling her "Siren of the Night".[2]