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Vext is the Patron Deity of Mishap and Misfortune.[1]

Vext was banished from his native Jejune Realm—home to a lesser pantheon of gods, the minor deities that oversee the mundane events that define our day-to-day life—when the powers that be decided that the services of him and his fellow gods were no longer wanted. Vext ended up on Earth and Delta City, when he settled down and tried to find a peaceful life. Something which proved impossible. Involuntarily causing accidents and misfortune around him, the one who suffers them the most is inevitably—himself.

He was present in the Garden of Eden when humanity first sinned[2] and also on the Titanic as it sank.[3]


  • Probability Manipulation: The ability to cause misfortune and bad luck. Unfortunately, Vext has absolutely no control over this ability.


  • Bad luck.