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Quote1.png Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well, for it is the chilling sound of your doom. Quote2.png
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Victor Fries is Mister Freeze, a bioengineer turned to crime to save his wife from illness.


Victor Fries was a genetics engineer, who was researching for the cure of MacGregor's Syndrome, a strange disease his wife Nora was suffering from. To give himself more time, he used the company's technology to put his wife, Nora, in cryostasis until he found a cure for her. While working on the cure, an explosion knocked him into a vat full of chemicals, which mutated his body, lowering his body temperature so that he could only survive in temperatures of under 0 degrees. Desperate to save his wife's life, Victor, now calling himself Mister Freeze, made a suit that would keep him at subzero temperatures, powered by diamonds, and a freezing gun, to get enough money to create a cure for his wife's disease.

Criminal Career

Freeze attacked the Gotham Museum of Art for a huge diamond to power his suit. He was confronted by Batman and Robin, and despite their best efforts to stop him, he still escaped with the Diamond.

After this, Batman and Robin hosted a party, in which another diamond would be auctioned, to lure Mister Freeze. Effectively, Freeze showed up, but this time, was stopped by Batman. He was taken to Arkham Asylum, but was soon broken out by Poison Ivy and Bane, who sought an alliance with him. He agreed and the three of them escaped. Ivy attempted to kill Nora out of jealousy and blame it on Batman. Furious and lusting for revenge, Freeze vowed to freeze the entire world, so that everyone would suffer as he did. This fit with Ivy's plan for plants dominating the world perfectly.

He sought a new telescope from Wayne Enterprises to turn it into a gigantic freeze gun and freeze all of Gotham. Batman, Robin and their new partner, Batgirl arrived and stopped him. Batman revealed with a security tape, that it was Ivy who tried to kill Nora and not him. Batman then told him, that his wife was still alive, kept in cryostasis and would be sent to Arkham so that he could continue his research there. He told him, that anyone could take a life, but not everyone could give life like he could. Batman then asked for a cure of the first stage of the syndrome, which Alfred was suffering from. Freeze gave it to Batman and was taken to Arkham, where he shared a cell with Ivy. There, he told her that he would make her life a living hell, informing her that "winter has come at last".


  • Science: Fries has a vast knowledge of cryonics and mechanics.
  • Athletics: Fries is a two-time Olympic decathlon.[2]


  • Vulnerability to Heat: Fries cannot survive normal human temperatures and his body temp as dropped to inhuman levels. As such he lives on a cold storage facility, and can only roam outdoors in his cryo-suit.


  • Cryo-Suit: Victor wears a suit that keeps his body temperature below freezing.


  • Freezemobile: Victor drives a tank-like van with spikes on the bumper, icicle missiles, and a freezing cannon.


  • The campy approach to Mr. Freeze was reviled specially for his tendency to speak in cold-related puns.[5]
  • In Batman Returns, there is a photograph of Max Shreck, together with Arnold Schwarzenegger (not identified by name).[6]



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