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Victor Fries, better known as Mister Freeze was a Gotham City rogue who used ice-based weaponry in an attempt to find the cure to his cryogenically frozen wife's disease.

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Mister Freeze was a member of the Injustice League and a rival to Harley Quinn and her gang. When Harley sought revenge for being frozen by Freeze, she and her gang broke into his home and killed several of his henchmen before the group was frozen again by Freeze. Imprisoned, Freeze decided to use Harley as a lab rat to research a cure for his wife. Harley convinced him that her friend, Poison Ivy, could help him, much to his delight, and instead invited them all to lunch. But when Freeze introduced his frozen wife, Nora, to the group, Harley mistakenly assumed he imprisoned her and freed her, only for them to realize Nora was really dying and was indeed married to Freeze. A livid Freeze threatened to kill everyone with a bomb if Ivy wouldn't help cure Nora. Ivy arrives and began her research. As the group waited, Harley learned that Freeze froze Harley only because the other members of the League wanted to kill her. Ivy managed to create a cure, but because Nora's blood is unique, the cure required a blood transplant, which will kill the donor. Freeze willingly accepted to be the donor and Nora was cured, but Freeze died shortly after.








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