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Victor Fries, better known as Mister Freeze is a Gotham city rogue who uses ice-based weaponry in an attempt to find the cure to his cryogenically frozen wife's disease.

Before Metropolis

Before the Joker's attack on Superman that would change the course of history, Victor Fries became the villain "Mister Freeze" and, using an freeze ray, attempted to plunder his way into finding a cure for his cryogenically frozen wife Nora. This path caused him to come into conflict with the city's protector Batman, who, at some point, arrested him and sent him to Arkham Asylum.[1]

Superman's Regime

Despite his cell still being kept cold for him, Freeze did not stay locked inside Arkham. Instead, he remained surprisingly low-key during Superman's Regime, remaining in hiding for five years before being captured by Killer Croc. Detained in a prison in the sewers of Gotham, Freeze was soon rescued by Harley Quinn and her Joker Clan.[2]


  • Unique Physiology: Due to an accident in the lab, Fries' body has frozen over down to the core and manipulated his physiology.


  • Firearms: Mister Freeze has become skilled in the use of his Freeze Gun even when it is adapted for different purposes such as a giant freeze ray or firing it while it malfunctioned.
  • Cryogenics: Victor Fries is a remarkable scientist and is Gotham's premier mind on Cryogenics.


  • Vulnerability to Heat: Fries cannot survive normal human temperatures and his body temp as dropped to inhuman levels. As such he must live within his suit forever or he will melt and die.




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